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We are very proud of celebrating our 10th anniversary. We hope we all will enjoy this new and attractive website design expecting your participation in this blog providing your feedback or suggestions.

This year, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, there will be many interesting news appearing in this website. Without any doubt it will be a very special and different edition.The ten years of piano history in Campillos has left us unforgettable moments. We have great memories from each single edition. Now you can remember many moments by visiting ‘historic’ where you will find a big gallery of photos.

There have been more than 500 pianists from countless countries of the 5 continents during the 10 years of history. Some of them are enjoying a big career peforming in the most prestigious halls of the world and bearing our name in their biographies. We hope that all of them, without exception, had a nice and positive experience while taking part in our context.

I also hope that the audience have enjoyed live performances of a Beethoven sonata, a Chopin Ballade or an Albaniz Iberia, performed by pianists from all over the world using the same universal language of music.

We wish that the 10th Edition will be as successful as the previous ones and above all, we look forward to celebrating it with all of you.

With best regards,

Juan Lago


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